Philippines Issues Tsunami Warning, Orders Coastal Evacuations After Taiwan Quake

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Philippines Issues Tsunami Warning, Orders Coastal Evacuations After Taiwan Quake

Following a powerful 7.4-magnitude earthquake in Taiwan, the Philippines has issued an urgent tsunami warning, advising of “high tsunami waves” expected to affect coastal regions across the country. The state seismology institute has called for immediate evacuations in 23 provinces, spanning from the northern to the southern parts of the archipelago, excluding the capital, Manila.

The advisory highlighted the anticipated arrival of the first tsunami waves between 0033 GMT and 0233 GMT, cautioning that these initial waves may not represent the peak threat and could persist for several hours. Residents in the affected areas have been strongly urged to seek safety by moving to higher ground or traveling farther inland to avoid the potentially devastating impact.

Furthermore, the institute has issued specific instructions for maritime precautions. Boat owners located in harbours, estuaries, or shallow coastal waters in the mentioned provinces are advised to secure their vessels and retreat from the waterfront. Additionally, boats currently at sea have been directed to remain in deep waters off the coast until it is deemed safe to return.

This directive underscores the seriousness of the tsunami threat following the seismic event near Taiwan and reflects the Philippines’ commitment to ensuring the safety and preparedness of its coastal communities in the face of natural disasters.

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